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Art Department is hard, stressful and wasteful.  Join ArtCube in one or all 31 cities to get gigs, crew up, get free stuff, keep materials out of landfills in minutes... you don't need to spend hours checking availability to work or fabricate.  Let them come to you and solve it.

ArtCube Guidelines

You risk moderation and/or dismissal if you do not comply; post thoughtfully.    

Your first post is moderated to prevent spam and faulty queries.

Labor Standards

  •  No internships. Period. 
  • All jobs must offer pay.  Period.  
  • When posting a position availability you MUST:
  1. State the exact rate for the job i.e. $500/10
  2. State if it’s Union or non-union and position(s)
  3. Give exact dates.
  4. No job will be posted below minimum wage.  ($9.50/hour)
  • Hiring discrimination will never be tolerated.  You may never request a gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, photo or belief system.   

Asking for help

  • Do your homework and make that known. (This is really big on this forum).    Name where you have looked and post a reference photo.

Technical stuff

Miscellaneous Standards

  • Animals are not props.  Use a professional wrangler.  Do not ask to “borrow” an animal.  Ever.
  • Nothing illegal.  Ever.  
  • No resume poaching.  Your work is your own.

 Promotion of ArtCube

  • Photos you post may be used on our FacebookInstagramPinterest  or Twitter Accounts.  They will not reveal the production name, actors or anything that would compromise your production... use is only to attract those that "get" the Art Department. The more the merrier on TheCube!  


  • Be nice.   

  • If someone is not nice to you, contact

  • If you find a post inappropriate, forward to

  • If you ever find a job on Art Cube in which you did not get paid,we want to know about it. Contact  


  • Reply all when your answer serves the group. (Like answers that help all of the group.)  
  • Do NOT reply all when your reply only serves you and the original poster.  (Like responding to a job.) 
  • ArtCube is only an Art Department resource. 
  • Do NOT "post for a friend."  Third-party posts reduces accountability to ArtCubers and has caused many problems for us behind the scenes.  Encourage your associates to join ArtCube. 

Selling things/Set Sales

  • We need to keep it Art Department and relevant to the niche population.  Please keep sales to:
    • Set Sales
    • Shop and Kit Purging
    • Carpentry/Scenic elements
    • props
    • owned set dressing and furniture of interest to the industry  
    • NOT your nasty couch because you are moving.

 Self-promotion - don't.

  • If a Cuber needs crew, they will post and  you should reply directly.  
  • Not for business promotion.   This is not a captive audience for your wares. 
  • Never post an ad of any kind.  

(That way we know who you are!)
(Set decorator, carpenter, etc.)
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