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Art Department is hard, stressful and wasteful.  Join ArtCube in one or all 31 cities to get gigs, crew up, get free stuff, keep materials out of landfills in minutes... you don't need to spend hours checking availability to work or fabricate.  Let them come to you and solve it.

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About ArtCube

What is ArtCube?
Great question! ArtCube is a community of professionals in the entertainment industry, all working together to support and help one another! This includes posting about prop sales, crew, giveaways etc. The cube is a safe haven for all Art Department members to communicate without the nonsense of Facebook groups. ArtCube is focused, professional and moderated.
I'm confused.  You have four websites?
Kinda, think of them as sisters.
1. Art Cube the Google Group is the wild sister where all the action is in real-time.  It's where you post jobs, sales, emergency help requests, sourcing queries, group think tank.   Join all or one; the membership fee does not change.
2. is the sensible sister where all central information is, a membership sign up portal, FAQ's and contact information.  (And where you are now!)
3. is the know-it-all sister with a collection of all the resources mentioned by your peers on Art Cube have contributed since 2007 and also a Member Directory.   The objective is to ease the congestion of questions on The Cube and provide an amazing resource for you on the go.  Check out the ArtCubePedia App on the App store! 4. ArtCube Nation is the cleared graphics store. Buy graphics that you can use on set.
Levels of the Google Group vs. ArtCubePedia, Categories and Typical Users
1. Individual (Rock Star) $5/month
• Three categories in ArtCubePedia.
• Three spots for logos and photos.  
• Typical user is crew, individuals and artists
2. Non-Profit (Super Duper Cuber)  $20/month ($15 without the Google Group)
• Six categories in ArtCubePedia.
• Five spots for logos and photos. 
• Typical users are theaters, arts programs and 501(c)3's
• Get rated and reviewed.
3. Small Business (Super Duper Cuber)  $50/month ($15 without the Google Group) 
• Six categories in ArtCubePedia.
• Five spots for logos and photos. 
• Typical users are fabrication shops, prop houses, boutique businesses.
• Get rated and reviewed.
4. Bigger Business (Mega Cube) $100/month ($25 without the Google Group)  • Ten categories in ArtCubePedia. • Ten spots for logos and photos.  • Typical users have more than ten employees, bi-coastal, well-established. • Get rated and reviewed. Add a video.


How can I invite someone to join?
Just send them a link to the city or cities. They will be prompted to join and we'll take from there!
I'm a paying member...what's in it for me?
• Your posts go straight to the Cube unmoderated (except your first one).  
• Access 24/7 to the most incredible collection of peers you could ever dream of. 
• Crew up in minutes.
• Poll your peers in times of uncertainty. 
• Announce your set sales and have over 3,100 interested parties see it (and buy). 
• Get and get rid of FREE flats, furniture, materials, etc.
• Find ample resources in minutes..we've all been down the road before.
• Reduce your waste (and dumpster fees).
• A profile on and the app - free!
• Tee shirts and stickers when we make them.

Too many emails!  How can I change my email settings on ArtCube the Google Group? 
1. Go to Google Groups.
2. Near the top left corner, click My Groups.
3. Find the name of the group > next to your name, click Edit.
4. Pick your settings using the "Setting options and how to choose them" section of this article.In the lower left corner, click Save.
• Don't send email updates: You won't get emails, but you can still see posts by logging in to Google Groups and clicking on that group. 
• Send daily summaries: On days when people post to the group, you'll only get one email that includes every message that was sent.
• Send combined updates: You'll get one email for every 25 posts to the group.
• Send me an email for every new message: You'll get an email anytime someone posts to the group.


Why are you charging members now?
ArtCube is a full-time job and if you want to keep the resource around everyone depends upon, you have to have a little skin in the game. 

Do I have to pay for each city?
No! As an ArtCube Google Group crew member or artist member, the monthly $5 covers every city. However, if you have a business listing in different cities in ArtCubePedia , each branch has to carry its own fees.

What's with the set up fee?
It covers the manpower and data charges to set up your ArtCubePedia profile, endless edits and outstanding customer service and the fees we have to pay to run and perfect a project like this.

This is waaaay beyond my budget.
Dude, we hear you.   Contact us for an individual or business discount code.  We'll give it to you, no problem. You can also just pay a little bit  to boost your profile on ArtCubePedia without being an ArtCube Member and it's a lot less expensive.  Check it out.

Why are the businesses more expensive?
• Because it keeps The Cube from being over-run with unsolicited advertising posts.
• ArtCube is for the people; the boots-on-the-ground.
• You are paying for the privilage to "listen in" to your target market. • You are finding crew in minutes. • You are saving zillions of dollars in disposal fees. You make more money than we do.

What if I don't want to pay?
That's fine. There are lots of free forums on Facebook.  You can come back anytime you like!


How do I "claim" my listing you created?:
I created a profile/log-in on ArtCubePedia, what does that mean?
It means you can claim your listing, edit your listing, add photos, change your categories, check out your analytics and post reviews.  It does not automatically mean you are an ArtCube member.

Explain ArtCubePedia levels, please.
ArtCubePedia's levels are designed for the multi-facted individuals and businesses in the event and entertainment industry. There are many categories in which you can be listed, just how many categories depends upon the level you signed up for. (You can always adjust your subscription later or pay for an a la carte extra category.)

I want to add a category on ArtCubePedia.
You can add a category a-la-carte for a one-time fee of $100.00 -or- if you are a crew member or artist $15 a month six categories and six photos or $25 for ten categories and ten photos a video!


Why can't I get into my city?
In order to see all the fantastic posts in your city and make your own, you have to either subscribe or make a request in a specific city. Then we will let you in!

I paid my membership fee.  Why aren't I on ArtCube?
You must also apply to the city or cities Google Group.  Do so here. Your fees here do not automatically gain you admittance to the ArtCube Google Group.  Once you apply, you will be sent an email with our Guidelines  you will have to let us know you have read and agree. Then we'll get you Cubing! 

You are missing something, something is wrong, closed, misspelled.
We are all deeply flawed by nature. Please feel free to suggest an entry or an edit!

The join page keeps looping and looping - what gives?
On Safari there can be a bug if the user adjusts their security settings to not allow 3rd party cookies from websites. Meaning the iFrame isn't allowed to store something it needs from the user and gets stuck in a loop. It will only happen in Safari / iOS if people don't accept cookies. It's a bummer but there is little we can do at this time to get around it. We're at the mercy of Apple to change their policy on 3rd party cookies at this time. We wish I had a better solution but the answer for now is to use another browser or allow 3rd party cookies.

I got a security alert when I went to pay!
This is a somewhat common occurrence nowadays where a browser's security settings mistakenly warn that a trusted site is possibly dangerous. I have experienced this myself (rarely i must admit) on some even very common sites like  or even It can happen when a computer's security settings are set very stricly. I have included a link with instructions  on how to remedy this for the customer.   Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, is used to encrypt information transferred throughout the Internet. SSL allows visitors to navigate a website and submit information through a secure connection. Some areas of Squarespace sites are protected by SSL, including checkout for Commerce transactions and wherever you log into your site. However, SSL isn’t currently available for other pages.