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Art Department is hard, stressful and wasteful.  Join ArtCube in one or all 31 cities to get gigs, crew up, get free stuff, keep materials out of landfills in minutes... you don't need to spend hours checking availability to work or fabricate.  Let them come to you and solve it.

10 Greatest ways to utilize ArtCube

You're not alone.  The Art Cube community is a great tool to get you through your project!  It's a power tool.  You just have to use it.


1. Give away your leftovers.  Cuts, flats, half gallons of paint - someone wants it.  You don’t have to pay to throw it out and they come get it from you!  No clutter, no landfills, help make a project happen.


2. Find crew/extra help.  Need PA’s?  A carpenter?  A scenic or maker?   Post your crew needs and available people will respond.


3. Ask the real-time think tank.  Issues?  Wish you could ask someone who has been down this road before?  Email your Cubers.  They will share their knowledge.  Nine years of Art Cube has taught me, we feel each other’s pain and like to to be helpful.


4. Find a gig.  Looking for work?  Keep an eye on the Cube.


5. Get something fabricated.  Makers abound -  put it out there and ask for estimates.


6. Sell your kits/props/announce your set sales.  When one production closes, another opens.  Recoup some money and get those assets on another production.


7.Find it.   Maybe someone spied what you can’t find in their travels!


8. Rate discussions/prevent labor abuse.  We need to stick together, Cube. Producers……well, they don’t always have your back.  Art Cube does.


9. Get free and cheap stuff.  Happiness is an empty dumpster.  Pick up what someone doesn’t want!


10.  Find love.  It happened once, it can happen again!  




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