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Cube Biz: Reuse America Vintage Warehouse


One thing you can say about the Art Department, we need stuff, and lots of it.  Small businesses are a huge part of the Art Department universe and many are micro and small business members on ArtCube.  We aim to connect the right businesses with the right job in an instant.

We are very happy to shine a light on Reuse America Vintage Warehouse! 





What is Reuse America Vintage Warehouse?

We are a 6,000 Sq Foot prop warehouse loaded with furniture, lighting, mirrors, carpets, electronics, musical instruments and tons of smalls. We offer low prices of items for sale and rent as well. Our inventory ranges from the ordinary to unusual and everything in between. Come and see what you have been missing... a great source for your set decor.

Who is Elliot Blitman?

With a degree in Archaeology, Elliot Blitman the owner of Reuse America has transformed his love for things old by digging in Barns, Attics, Basements throughout New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. With a passion for industrial design and mid century modern, Elliot seeks out unique items on a daily basis to provide his clients with one of a kind items. He has two other warehouses in Brooklyn where set designers can visit.

What inspires you?

Every day I get the opportunity to find new and interesting items. I love the expression from my clients when I can provide them with the items that they have been searching for .

How did you get started in this business?

I was called to a friends warehouse that he just purchased that was loaded with antiques. He said I could have anything I wanted for $500. I loaded my van several times and started selling at the flea market. When I started buying estates 2 days a week, it was time to open a shop.

What frustrates you the most about this industry?

That people want to keep my place a secret so others dont get the "good stuff" first.

What job would you do if you didn't work in this industry?

I wouldn't trade my job for anything else.

What has been your favorite project you worked on?

Barn hunting for vintage pedal cars for a photographer. I spent 3 days running around upstate New York meeting with collectors until I found an old barn where a collector had over 200... and he sold 50 of them to me. What a thrill that was!

How did you find ArtCube?

A set designer recommended me.

What have you (or the business) gained from being a part of ArtCube?

The community is very friendly and diverse.

Anything else you would like Cubers to know?

Come and check us out at 387 Bushwick Avenue, East Williamsburg Brooklyn. Sunday 10am-5pm, Monday & Tuesday 3-7pm, Wednesday & Thursday 11am-7pm, Friday 11am-3pm

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Thanks for Cubing, Elliot!  We certainly don't want your amazing business to be a secret!!!

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