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Know your Cuber

Erin O'Brien

We sat down with one of our favorite ArtCubers Erin O’Brien. Erin is a Prop and Wardrobe Stylist, Prop Master, Set Decorator and Window Display Artist. She has extensive experience in the NYC Fashion Luxury Industry where she has worked in areas such as Visual Display/Merchandising and also as a Wardrobe/Prop Stylist for major magazines, websites and ad campaigns.

“I think every window I do has a personal flair to it. There is a certain thing about the window that reflects me.” -Erin

What inspires you?

Music....110%. I grew up in not the happiest home, so a lot of my time was spent escaping through music.
How did you get started in the window industry?

I went to the University of Massachusetts and got a degree in French Literature and Marketing, which have nothing to do with windows (I worked for Chanel, so my French degree did come through). I was an art major in the beginning of college but got frustrated with my art, I wanted to get out there in the world but didn’t know what I’d be doing. Art is great but I feel like it’s not a taught profession.... you either have it or you don’t. However,I worked for Macy’s as a window trimmer during the holiday season and I just fell in love with windows.
What has been your favorite project?

There was a really small shoe store in the lower east side and I had a record player with shoes and broken records spinning all night, very punk rock but very cool. I love doing these small mom and pop shops.
What do you think about ArtCube?

ArtCube is cool because no matter what I do, I need props. The good thing about ArtCube is it is there for whatever industry I’m working in. I think even though we live in NYC and even though there is anything to buy for props sometimes you still have that crazy question. People that are totally experienced get to answer you. It’s just a great way to connect with people and find things that are hard, it’s just a great network.

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