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Art Department is hard, stressful and wasteful.  Join ArtCube in one or all 31 cities to get gigs, crew up, get free stuff, keep materials out of landfills in minutes... you don't need to spend hours checking availability to work or fabricate.  Let them come to you and solve it.

Welcome to Art Cube 2.0!

Greetings Cube!

In 2007, I created Art Cube so four pallets of mint plants would be spared from the dumpster and given to my peers, who were just as over budget and sick of needless waste as I was.   

Today, Art Cube has almost 4,000 members in 18 different cities and has evolved into the invaluable go-to Art Department resource for entertainment and events well as a full-time job.

I want to be able continue to provide what you have come to expect from Art Cube, and to do that, I have to ask everyone to have a little skin in the game. It’s become clear that subscription fees are necessary to keep it running. I wish I could operate for free, but my landlord does not understand the plight of The Cube.  Subscribe here.  (and/or continue reading…)

That said...

  • This weekend, all posts will cease as we organize subscribers.
  • Current subscribing members will be reinstated immediately.
  • Once you subscribe, you will again be able to post and receive all Art Cube communication.

I apologize for the disruption, but if you keep reading, you’ll see you’ll get so much more out of Art Cube 2.0 once we get to the other side.

Art Cube is expanding and getting better.

My business partner, Liz Minot, and I have created, where sources mentioned on Art Cube are listed by category, location, and have detailed descriptions for more user-friendly access. 

Even better, every Art Cube member will have their own listing, which is a customized space for Art Cube professionals to promote and advertise artistic skills and be discovered by the vast Art Cube community and the web.  Many members already have listings up!  

Check out Amber Studios for a great example.  The free ArtCubePedia app will launch in November!  

We will continue to help make Art Department easier via community collaboration in this amazing real-time think tank. We work for YOU.

If you need a little help to make this work for your budget, all you need to do is ask.  We want everybody in, so we’ve tried to make the fees inclusive of every budget. 

Rock Star Cuber - $5/month

(artists, freelancers, individuals)  (3 listing categories, 3 pics on ArtCubePedia)

Super Duper Non-Profit Cuber - $20/month*     

(non-profit/theater/start-up/micro biz) (6 listing categories, 6 pics on ArtCubePedia)

Super Duper Small Biz Cuber - $50/month*     

(less than ten staff employees, shops, vendors) (6 listing categories, 6 pics on ArtCubePedia)

Mega Cuber - $100/month*     

(bi-coastal/ten or more employees) (10 listing categories,10 pics + video on ArtCubePedia)

*If you want to be on ArtCubePedia only, fees are much less expensive.  Please contact us for more details.

Here’s how it happens:

  • Subscribe here.
  • Your membership to Art Cube Group is reinstated within 24 hours.
  • In about three days, you will get an email that your Art Cube Pedia listing is ready.
  • You claim it, personalize it and share it. 

Questions?  Check out our FAQs page.  

We will be available to answer questions by email and on live chat this Saturday and Sunday and during regular work weeks.    

Hang in there with us...we’re on it and it’s going to be great!  Viva la Cube!

We hope you agree that the benefits of…

  • employment opportunities
  • free/cheap stuff
  • avoided disposal fees
  • crewing up lightning-fast
  • “listening in” to the industry
  • lightened production footprint
  • successful set sales
  • real-time peer-sourced answers 
  • collaborating with your peers
  • finding Art Cube crew in other cities 

...are worth it.

Love and Cubing from your Co-Presidents,

Eva Radke and Liz Minot

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