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Art Department is hard, stressful and wasteful.  Join ArtCube in one or all 31 cities to get gigs, crew up, get free stuff, keep materials out of landfills in minutes... you don't need to spend hours checking availability to work or fabricate.  Let them come to you and solve it.

ArtCube was  founded in 2007 in an effort to reduce waste and promote sustainability in the film/event industry.   Shortly after forming the ArtCube community, the founders opened, that in its seven years of operation, diverted over 600 tons of set materials from landfills.  Today, with thousands of users, ArtCube performs that function on-line and so much more via this global network.

ArtCube also functions as the most professional forum and efficient way to find jobs, crew, consult with peers, buy, sell and give away set materials, props, and set dressing.   With 6,000 professionals spread across 26 cities, there's no wonder why so many Cubers give ArtCube "props" for aiding their career, saving their budget, greening their sets while making networking and problem-solving a breeze.  Viva la Cube!

Meet the Cube Staff!

Liz Minot

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Eva Radke

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Peers are the biggest resource on ArtCube. When you join, you get connected to a network of incredible professionals who  genuinely want to help one another.

Searching for crew used to  take hours, now you can find any type of crew you need in minutes. Available prop/set fabricators respond to queries usually in  under an hour.

Finding an available fabricator or prop is easy. Instead of trashing items in good condition, you  look for buyers on our forum. That means less trash, more money and great finds!

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